Eco-Friendly Bamboo Goods

Ultimately Sustainable

Made Mindfully

Our bamboo is selected intently and crafted carefully knowing that our creations will look good in your home for generations.


Natural Materials

Bamboo produces more oxygen and needs much less water to grow than comparable plants, all while rebuilding eroded soil.


Individually Handcrafted

We work closely with a small local community of skilled crafters in Northern Thailand, who hand-carve each piece with thoughtful precision.


Conscious Growth

The fastest-growing plant in the world inspires us to evolve. Incorporate more intention into your routine with products designed to simplify.

Sustainable Solutions

We focus on making elegant, ecofriendly gear for growth. Our emphasis on mindful design, sustainable materials, and creative construction inspire us to develop innovative products that bring simplicity to your life and provide space for you to grow as actively as bamboo.