Long Shoehorn

Big Shpoon

Don’t break a sweat or your shoes! Our long shpoons measure 30in and are designed to offer maximum comfort with minimal effort. 

You want a long boi if you:

– Prefer standing up to slide into your sneakers.

– Want to avoid back or neck stress.

– Own boots or high tops.

Medium Shoehorn

Medium Shpoon

This perfect in-between measures 15in and gives average length a positive connotation. 

You want a medium shoehorn if you:

– Like to sit when you shpoon.

– Want to enjoy the portability of little shpoon while maximizing versatility and utility.

Small Shoehorn

Small Shpoon

We know you have places to be; baby shpoon will match your stride. Measuring only 4in, this little guy can follow you anywhere. 

You want a little shpoon if you:

– Prioritize portability and efficiency.

– Never want to be stranded without your favorite accessory again.

– Wear mostly low-top shoes.