Travel Shoe Horn



We know you have places to be, and this lil' guy will match your stride. Measuring only 4 inches, the baby shoe horn can follow you anywhere.

You want a small shoe horn if you:

  • Prioritize portability and efficiency.
  • Wear mostly low-top shoes.
  • Prefer to sit when you put your shoes on.
  • Never want to be stranded without your favorite accessory again.

      Our natural bamboo shoehorns are individually handcrafted by a community of artisans in Thailand. Therefore, naturally occurring variations in color and marking will make your shoehorn unique.


      Check out our size guide to find your perfect fit.


      100% Bamboo

      Water Hyacinth Rope


      Large Shpoon: 30inches long / 1.5 inches wide

      Medium Shpoon: 12-15inches long / 1.5 inches wide

      Small Shpoon: 4-5 inches long / 1.5 inches wide


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