The Shoe Horn


The Shoe Horn measures 15 inches and is the ultimate footwear companion. Quickly and easily slide in and out of any pair of sneakers, shoes, or boots while preventing damage and extending footwear lifespan.

This is the correct size Shoe Horn if you:

  • Have shoes that vary in types, sizes, and materials.
  • Prefer to sit when you put your shoes on.
  • Want to combine the portability of the travel shoe horn while maximizing versatility and utility.

Our natural bamboo shoe horns are individually handcrafted by a community of artisans in Thailand. Therefore, naturally occurring variations in color and marking will make your shoehorn unique.

Check out our size guide to find your perfect fit.


100% Bamboo

Water Hyacinth Rope


Large Shpoon: 30inches long / 1.5 inches wide

Medium Shpoon: 12-15inches long / 1.5 inches wide

Small Shpoon: 4-5 inches long / 1.5 inches wide


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